Location: Archivio storico comunale, Cortona
Sub-Location: Lib. Q. 9, Deliberazioni, 1520-1523, fol. 297.
Transcription Author: Tom Henry
Transcription Date: 2011-01-11
Published: yes
Publication Details: Published by G. Mancini, Notizie sulla Chiesa del Calcinaio, Cortona, 1868, p. 93 and by R. Vischer, Luca Signorelli und die Italianische Renaissance, eine Kunsthistorische Monographie, Leipzig, 1879, p. 365.
Notes:unchecked; volume now missing.

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Luca Signorelli extracted for the Priors for January and February, Cortona

Dates: 23.12.1522
[Luca Signorelli]