Location: Archivio storico comunale, Cortona
Sub-Location: Lib. Q. 9, Deliberazioni, 1520-1523, fol. 100.
Transcription Author: Tom Henry
Transcription Date: 2011-01-11
Published: yes
Publication Details: Published by G. Mancini, Notizie sulla Chiesa del Calcinaio, Cortona, 1868, pp. 92-3 and by R. Vischer, Luca Signorelli und die Italianische Renaissance, eine Kunsthistorische Monographie, Leipzig, 1879, p. 365.
Notes:unchecked; volume now missing.

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Luca Signorelli elected to determine whether part of the Val di Chiana can be dammed

Dates: 15.8.1521
[Luca Signorelli]