Location: Archivio di Stato, Florence
Sub-Location: Notarile Antecosimiano, 11417 (formerly L 51), Noferi Laparelli, fol. 271v.
Transcription Author: Tom Henry
Transcription Date: 2005-01-01
Published: yes
Publication Details: Published by T. Henry, ‘Signorelli’s Virgin and Child: a gift to his daughter’, Metropolitan Museum Journal, 36, 2001, pp. 161-8 (referred to by G. Mancini, Vita di Luca Signorelli, Florence, 1903, p. 148)
Notes:new transcription

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Luca Signorelli gives pictures and other possessions to his daughter in Cortona.

Dates: 10.4.1507


[note in margin: Gift made to Mistress Gabriella daughter of master Luca]

In the name of God amen. Year of our Lord 1507, Tenth Indiction, Pope Julius II residing. On the tenth day of April of the year stated. Enacted in the workshop of the church of St Margaret situated in Cortona in the terzerio of St Vincent next to the property of Niccolo Cristoforo Gulielmo of the said city, the square, the common road and other [boundaries] etc. In the presence at the same place of Guido Antonio Thorelli and Battista di Ser Jacopo Pietro Mazzette all from Cortona, witnesses. Master Luca di Egidio Signorelli, outstanding and excellent man and painter, citizen of Cortona in his sure knowledge etc, and in every way for the better on behalf of himself and his heirs and successors after he had made a gift of cause and title in his lifetime, gave handed over and granted to Mistress Gabriella the daughter of the aforementioned master Luca and wife for the present of Mariotto Antonio Mazza. And to me the notary named here, requesting and receiving on behalf of the aforementioned Mistress Gabriella and on behalf of her heirs and successors an image of the Virgin Mary, full-length with two figures to the side in a painting. Also by the aforementioned title he has then given eight braccie of green cloth from Orvieto. Also in the same title an old dark purple camurra, [and] a coverlet belonging to Mistress Galitia. Also a small picture with a half-length image of the Virgin Mary with her son in her lap with an elaborate gold background. Also in the same title two large golden Florins as payment and satisfaction of [the debt?] that appears in the accounts of Bernardino Mariotto di Tommaso. Which all together and singly here noted the aforesaid master Luca promised on behalf of himself and his family. And he promised to the aforesaid mistress and to me as notary through these statements and for his heirs and successors … [continues with two lines of legal formula])