Location: Archivio dell’Opera del Duomo, Orvieto
Sub-Location: Camerari, 1501-16, fol. 42r-v.
Type:Institutional account book
Transcription Author: Dugald McLellan
Transcription Date: 2011-01-14
Published: yes
Publication Details: Published by D.E. McLellan, Luca Signorelli’s Last Judgement Fresco Cycle at Orvieto: An Interpretation of the Fears and Hopes of the Comune and People of Orvieto at a Time of Reckoning, unpublished doctoral thesis, Melbourne University, 1992, no. 377a-b.

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Luca Signorelli paid for miscellaneous work in Orvieto

Dates: *.6.1502
[In margin:] Exitus pascatis rosate et offici ... Item rettulit solvisse magistro Luca pro pictura 80 mazzarum - fl.3 ...